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Even if we lose our memory, we could never forget what we love.

Back in 2012.  If i do have a little more money on that day, i would act recklessly following my emotion and my true feeling. But i dont have money to spend..and i thought everything would be alright.

I always say to my self that i have no regret in my life. But deep in my heart.. It hurt me.. I dont know which is wrong and which is right anymore. Either way, it would bring the same fate to me..HURT.

I chose not to cancel my flight, and decided to go back to my uni. I continued my study and barely passed. But it useless...i lost interest in that field and i do what i want in the end.. And i am unemployed now..

What if i didnt go back to my uni, staying near to the one i need. Fight for the one i love. Without finishing my degree.
I wonder..maybe that way, is better than now..

Day by day, i feel that my sense of interest become less...everything seem so boring. I live my life just for the sake of living..

I always tell myselft that it's better this way...sometime, i believe it..but in reality, this life couldn't be better than you're here....

They say that i should not look back because it will bring painful memory..

But for me..looking forward is what hurt me so much. When i close my eyes and imagine what will my future would be..
I see you and me sitting below the moonlight holding hands and it so cold...
When i open my eyes, my chest hurt so much and tears will follow...

As long as it live in someone's memory, the love could never die.

I forgot anything to give more space for it.. Even the name of people i met yesterday, i couldn't remember...

Damn it hurt me much...

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~No gift that is more valuable than the ability of learning!~