What a damn day

8:33:00 PM

Today is the first time i saw someone cut her hand. She wore long sleeve black sweater with surgery mask. At first i didnt notice (nobody else notice) but when i turned my head back, i saw blood flowing. I panicked and i went to buy some plaster to a nearby shop, when i came out she just walked away.  i chased her and gave it to her without saying anything eventhough she asked me for what. And then i went back to my workplace, but i was bothered. I went back to check that girl, she was nowhere to be found. I asked the cleaner nearby, he told me the direction. I ran around. Luckily, i finally found her sitting on. I walked directly to her and asked why did she do that, she said nothing. I saw she just bandaged her hand. She just smiled. I asked where she came from. I also asked her if there someone can send her home, she said, yes. I don't really know what to say cuz im not really good dealing with girl. I don't want to get involved further. So i said, i have to go. Before i go home, i ride my bike and looked around. I saw her waving at me but i gave no response. Damn!! Why do people cut their own hand? I'm still bothered. I don't care who it is, or what their problem, i just cant stand seeing people cut their hand..damn...nobody notice her. I hope she is alright..what a damn day.

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