2:12:00 AM

"Don't ruin the person you really are.."

How do I suppose to do this..?
I really can't do what I don't wanna do..

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9:17:00 AM

Every time you cried to sleep, the next morning you wake up.. you have the strength to go on your life..
When you unable to cry anymore, you should  know that you already given up..

I know I wasn't good enough.. but being not chosen eventually really hurt..
Hoping that luck smile upon me, but not..
I should accepted that I wasn't born with luck..instead, i was born to fight..
But I don't have drive to fight for now..

What is the purpose of life?

If I work hard to get rich, and then what?
If I have a lot friends or become really popular, and then what?

Rich or poor, going to the same end..death...

But I really understand why do people really not feeling bad when doing bad to other..

They are really proud of their success stepping on other..

I hate these people..
I can even burn the whole country if I want...but I don't think I will be happy in the end..

I always ask myself what I really want?
Hundred times, thousand or maybe countless times..

Now, I don't really know what I want..
I don't know what I want...
I lost interest in almost everything...

I supposed to be a genius...a man who can do everything...

But now I'm really useless..

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12:36:00 AM

This life is crazy..

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12:35:00 AM

2018 tahun yg sgt membosankan..
Buat itu ini pun sgt bosan...
Tiap hari hujan, bila hujan, sejuk pula mcm mau demam..
Lagi la klu naik moto, balik rumah kena hujan terus demam..

Bila x hujan pula, panas...
Bila panas, rasa pening..
Migrain pun dtg..

Dulu main game jadi hobi..
Tp skg hobi semua hilang..

Dulu ketawa kerana happy..
Skg ketawa utk menghappykan diri..

Bila tiada tujuan hidup..
Mau angkat badan pun rasa berat..

Terasa tiada motivasi langsung..
Penyakit malas pun melanda..

Haizz.. No hope, no confidence..
Nothing left..

What should i do?
How do i suppose to live?

I'm not the man I once knew..
I feel like I've lost everything, though it's not..

I thought I was alright, but I'm not..
Everything was just lies..

Hidup penuh kepura puraan dan lakonan..
Yg mana akhirnya...aku kembali ke alam nyata yg sgt menyakitkn..

Why do I even born..?

I can never imagine what will happen in the future...
No plan at all.... Zero plan.. And I don't bother planning...

It's totally meaningless..
Everything I did seem pointless...

What is the most important to do?
I don't know...
Who am I?...
I don't know myself anymore...


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1:55:00 PM

I dont know what to do..
I dont wanna do anything..

So boreddddddddddddd.........

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Azam 2018!

11:24:00 PM

I don't enjoy the things I once enjoy..

I can't imagine..being in relationship with other..

2018 is just no different with 2017

2018 is just another shit year

The biggest problem is " I don't really understand my problem "..

When I'm a kind man, no one really care..

I feel alone, but I hate fame..
I need attention but not popularity...

I just need one person to notice me.. the same person to know me.. to hold me..
to love me..

Only one person, but God...that person couldn't be mine..

Happy New shit year!.. I will live this shit year just to show how strong I am..

Azam utk tahun 2018, ingin berjaya tempuhi tahi2 kehidupan..

P/s: shall i say "p/s i 💙 u" ?.. I don't think so..babaiiiiii...

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One word

7:46:00 PM


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Road to..

4:03:00 AM

"Ok" kunun..

Padahal xtau apa mo tulis ni...
Blog yg bukan mcm blog..

Mcm sa deactivate fb oo..
Tepaksa datang sini mo coret2 ayat ntahapapantah...

Xda ayat spesel ni ari..
Sbb sa give up la jadi org spesel ni..

Next destination adalah...
No..next journey is...
Road to be an idiot and normal guy..

Byk lg pula dlm hidup ni yg sa xtau..
Byk lg yg sa x phm..

2017 suda mo abis...
Tahun dpan umur makin tua adeh..
Tp bila sa tgk cermin..alalala..
underage c gaman..

Ya ujung2 taun ni mesti ramai yg kawen..sbb cuti sekolah..
Dan ramai juga la yg tanya sa nnt kawen bila..penat sa kena ty haha...

Ok tiapa..mcm sa mo sipta kunun lagu tema kawen ni tp xda idea..
Nnt2 la tu kan..

Skg pun x terlukis lg tu potret2 para peminat sa d fb..sibuk bah..
Sibuk bah mo kasi siap rumah...

Addeeehhh... Mo tidur pula ni..lewat suda...

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